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What is BlendEd?

BlendEd is a platform where you can find numerous worksheets for any particular subject according to your grade. With us, you don’t have to worry about framing out new question papers to test the student’s knowledge on a particular topic, but we’re here for you to create them all and make it available to you on a click of a button.

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How it Works?

Well, it’s as simple as you can imagine. BlendEd is backed up by Artificial Intelligence to check your work. You can work with BlendEd in an offline way where you have to print the worksheet out, solve it, scan the QR code and upload it back. Otherwise, solve the worksheet online and submit it and either way you get instant feedback about your solved worksheet!

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Our Features

Unlimited Content

Numerous worksheets are available and are mapped to various grades which gives you easy access to look through for topics that interests you.

Track your results
with Auto Grading

Solve and submit a worksheet, get your score and feedback about your skills instantly. Track each of your progress through a special child code created and know how you evolve over time.

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What They Say?

Blended has got a lot of positive ratings from our users around the world. Some of the students were greatly helped by the Blended. Are you too? Please give your assessment

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My child has always been on the screen learning due to the Pandemic, and I always just wished that there was some homework which can be done offline to ensure that he doesn’t lose the grip of writing with pen on paper. So I browsed through the internet to see if there is any way I can make sure my son studies and reduces screen time, and I came across BlendEd, as the name says, it’s a blended learning for the child as it has options where you can solve worksheets both online and offline. I started using this and I can see the improvement of my child via the progress board available on the platform itself.
-Priyanka, Parent
Just loved the offline feature! Reduced a lot of screen time for my child.
-Shwetha, Parent
I was browsing through the internet to get access to various worksheets for my child who is studying in Grade 2, and then I came across BlendEd, which had almost everything I was looking for. I loved having the option of printing out the worksheet and having my child solve it as that was one of the ways I can minimize the screen time for my child. I would suggest every parent try this platform out.
-Megha, Parent

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