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Effects of Screen Time in Child Development due to the Pandemic.

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What They Say?


My child has always been on the screen learning due to the Pandemic, and I always just wished that there was some homework which can be done offline to ensure that he doesn’t lose the grip of writing with pen on paper.

Jyothi Savarkar

I was eagerly looking for worksheets that could improve my child's critical thinking. That's when I came across BlendED personalized learning worksheets. My son Shiv has shown tremendous progress after using these worksheets.

Krishna Kannan

Sakshi was never interested in Mathematics and numbers. The approach of learning via worksheets has made her fall in love with math.


I was browsing through the internet to get access to various worksheets for my child who is studying in Grade 2, and then I came across BlendED, which had almost everything I was looking for.

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